Live Support

Live Support is a service run by Assured Assist Company, we can directly provide advanced remote assistance to our customers. We can provide support through voice, phone or chat as well. This is rendered to our premium users who subscribe for one-time technical support or Annual support plans.

What is meant by a Live Support?

Live Support principles are to provide a real time assistance on the customer’s computer while you can also operate the computer parallelly.

What are our disclaimers before you take Live Support?

Before opting for any Live Support, it is recommended to close your personal files and folders. We always treat the customer’s computer as his or her private property and will not indulge in its nasty behavior without the confirmation of the user.

Who is the owner of domian?

Live Support Online Chat is just an open market domain which we have reserved to assist the product related issues.

Is affiliated to any other support agency?

We are not having any direct contact with any product manufacturer. We provide our support as an Independent support organization.

What is the difference between an individual and a company who provides support?

Here, we can explain you the major difference between a company and an individual who are not registered any where. We, as a company say you that we are authorized and registered with the Government to run the business and we pay the taxes that reach the people benefits.

What are the advantages of this Live Support Online Chat?

Advantages of opting the Live support program with us are we do the research and resolve the issues that are pending for long time. Our experts have knowledge to answer any technical query.

A support rendered by any third party company seems like a conspiracy but there are companies like us who provide genuine support. You can always check the feedbacks to opt us. You can also talk and sort out if you have any doubts on any such kind of process. We do provide the live support with all our technical knowledge and experience. We also have our team who got certified by the product manufacturers in all their product training sessions. We are artistic in our field and provide excellent solutions with an in-depth explanation required by a user.