Microsoft Windows Support

Microsoft Windows Support covers the Windows update related issues, Windows upgradation, Windows repair and Windows cleanup. Microsoft Windows is the first software and a platform on your computers where you install all the remaining applications. Microsoft Windows versions have got upgraded seamlessly today and now the latest version is Windows 10. Microsoft also had planned for the release of Microsoft WIndows cloud operating system in 2017. The previous versions of WIndows include Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Microsoft provides a limited support for any issues with your operating system. There is a time when you have to upgrade for a full support using a paid service. Microsoft Windows is used widely by many users since it is compatible for many applications for normal users and developers.

Microsoft Windows server operating system is good for business environments where there are many workstations. The dedicated team who work on the servers stores all the data from the network. The Windows updates involve the security updates and few optional updates for different programs including the hardware.

A software for Hardware is called a Driver. Microsoft has a catalog as a resource from where the computer automatically updates many hardware drivers. If there are some unknown or recent changes to the hardware, the updates get released and will be notified through Windows updates.

Windows cleanup is required on a timely manner as the computer may get slow down due to the heavy usage and background processed of the remaining programs. Microsoft Windows support involves PC optimization, cleanup of all the temporary internet files, junk files and temporary files from your computer. Installation of Windows updates and the drivers updates with latest versions. It also includes the removal of unwanted programs and unknown software from the list of your programs.

Microsoft Windows support is a complete system optimization to make your computer work like a new computer.