How to fix Error code 30182-27 in Microsoft Office 2019/2021/365

Solutions to fix Error code 30182-27 in Microsoft office 2019/2021/365 installation when it gives unexpected office installation Error code 30182-27, while installing or updating Microsoft office programs on your computer. This generally occurs due to file corruptions, or an office program blocked by any third-party applications.

Reasons for this Microsoft office 365/2021/2109 installation Error code 30182-27

Error code 30182-27 gets intercepted while installing updates or office programs. Some of the common factors are

Internet connection failure

Antivirus / defender blocking

Windows update failure

Installation setup file corrupted or broken

Third party application programs interruption

Any old office application file is not remove.

 Methods to fix office 365/2021/2019 Error code 30182-27


Press windows key and R to open RUN,

Type in control panel in run windows and click OK

Open programs and features and find Microsoft office SELECT repair

Click to quick repair and once repair is done Press OK

Method 2:

Removal of office files and services manually

Open PC from your desktop icon

Go to C drive and open it

Press and open program file folder

Find Microsoft office folder and delete on your computer

SFC SCAN to fix this Microsoft 365/2021 installation Error code 30182-27

  • Open the command prompt with administrative privileges

Type “SFC Scan/now “and click enter

The scan will begin automatically

Do not close the command prompt until the scan gets complete

How to temper disable Antivirus

  • 1.Open Antivirus application (McAfee or Norton or AVG) installed on the computer.
    2.Press on settings and go to real time protection
    3.Select Turn Off real time protection
    4.Navigate to Antivirus firewall and select Turn off Antivirus Firewall.

How to Install Microsoft Office 365/2021

1.Open Office My Account by going and Login to Office account using your registered email ID and password.

2.Click on install Option under the Office 365 product in your account.

3.Save the installer setup files if prompted and run it once download is complete.

4.Do not go offline or reboot the computer once office installation is initiated.

5.Press on finish button once the office 365/2019 program is installed completely

Registry repair to fix the Error code 30182-27 office installation 

1.Press Windows + R and type regedit

2.In the navigation pane on the left side of the window got to the Registry key,


3.Delete the office folder

4.Exit the registry and restart your computer.

5.Check if you can installation Microsoft Office without getting any error. Isn’t then follow the step given below to use Microsoft office tool.

Conclusion :

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