[Fixed] Update Error Code 0x80070003 in Windows 10/11

This article describes the Windows Update Error Code 0x80070003. Error 0x80070003 is a Windows Error code. This error usually occurs during installation or Windows Update. It also states that Access is Denied.

Disclaimers: Before you attempt to fix an issue with the windows update, we highly recommend you to take a registry backup and create a system restore point as a precaution method. In case if something goes wrong, we can restore your computer to the same stage and fix the issues. (In case if you not sure how to back it up, talk to an expert for assistance.)

Error code 0x80070003

Causes of Windows Error Code0x80070003:

  • There are multiple causes for the error code occurrence.
  • Administrative Issues.
  • Viral infection may lead to serious threats.
  • Computer Threats like cyber threats & Privacy Issues.

How to Fix the Windows Update Error Code 0x80070003:

Step 1: Install an Automatic Repair tool

Let’s start to install Automatic Repair Tool Like Microsoft .net Framework repair tool

Download the tool from the internet and follow the steps to guide the instructions for the software.

Finally, follow the steps to installing the Repair Tool on your PC.

After that Run this tool by double click on the icon.

Click on scan now button for scanning the system.

Once the scan has finished, it will display a number of issues, and errors are found on your PC.

Then next click on Repair All Issues for rectifying the errors and issues on your system.

After some time Repair has completed. It will display the status that all the issues and errors are fixed.

After that click to rescan and wait for the scan to finish.

As you can see no more errors found on the system.

Step 2: Log on Your PC With your Administrative Rights

  • The error may occur if don’t have administrator’s permission and there are many users’ accounts access to the PC.
  • Log on your PC with administrator rights, then try installing the Updates again.

Step 3: Scan Your PC Using a Powerful Antivirus

  • Sometimes files and registry permissions may get changed by malware.
  • Therefore to fix the error it is advisable to download a powerful antivirus and perform an entire scan on your PC.
  • The anti-virus will help to remove all sorts of viruses infecting your system and fix this issue.
  • Once you follow the suggested steps and run total system care on your PC.

Finally, You Will Notice Two Major Differences. They are:

1.No more Error0x80070003message pop-ups

2.Significant increases in your PC performance.

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Error Code 0x80070003

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