How to Fix internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Versions of IE 7/8/9/11

Internet Explorer has Stopped Working: If you are an Internet Explorer user, you may at times face some problems that mean Internet Explorer has stopped working. You should know how to repair the Internet Explorer to avoid the wastage of time for searching the solution for the different problems on the Internet.

Disclaimer:  Fixing an issue related to the browser involves backup of browsing history, cookies, downloaded data, images. If you are not sure on how to backup, please contact the technician for support.

Internet Explorer has stopped working
Internet Explorer has stopped working

The Problems Can be As Diverse as :

  1. Internet Explorer freezes, crashes or hangs
  2. Internet Explorer does not open links
  3. Next, Internet Explorer Troubleshooter Fix It
  4. Internet Explorer cannot display webpage
  5. Internet Explorer error messages on page
  6. Download Manager is missing in Internet Explorer
  7. Internet Explorer opens and closes immediately
  8. Internet Explorer does not save History Settings

Solutions for Internet  Explorer Has Stopped Working :

1. Reset Internet Protocol (IP) Settings  :

Resetting the Internet protocol can resolve Issue Such as always receiving page can not be displayed message or 404 messages. Use the following steps to reset the Internet Protocol (IP)

  • Open the command prompt by using Right click on Start button and search for command prompt.
  • In the command prompt type, the following: netsh in IP reset command after that press enter.
  • After that in a command prompt type, the following:  netsh  Winsock reset and then click Enter.
  • After that, a success message in shown in a command prompt then restart the computer .when  the IP is reset.

2. Reset Internet Explorer Settings:

  • Right click on Start option and search for the Internet option and click it.
  • Once it opened then click on Advanced tab and then click reset.
  • When it can be done, close all open Internet Explorer windows, reopen Internet Explorer, and then try to view the webpage again.

3. Use System File Checker to Repair Internet Explorer:

  • Open the command prompt by using Right click on Start button and search for command prompt.
  • Once it can be opened, then click Yes to allow the windows command processor to make changes in your device.
  • In the command prompt type the following: Sfc/scan now commands and press enter.
SFC Scan
  • Then open the window give the status and it can be fixed.

4. Open the Internet Explorer With Add-ons:

Browser adds can produce spyware problems, error messages, the Internet explores startup problems. start the Internet Explorer without third party add-ons:

  • Open the Run Window through the Windows key+ R  and type explorer+ extoff
  • After that click Ok button. Then  internet explorer without add-ons

5. Removing Toolbar For Internet Explorer:

  • Open the Run window through the Windows key + R.
  • Then it opens type the appwiz.cpl and press Ok.
  • Now uninstall every listed Toolbar what you see into a programs & features settings.

6. Windows Registry Fix:

The registry is the main target when a virus or malware starts to corrupt the Windows, even a single changed value in your Windows Registry can cause this app crash. The best thing is, you can easily fix your Windows. Registry by a good 3rd Party Registry Cleaner and that will fix your problem by just doing some couple of clicks.

7. Uninstall the Internet Explorer Updates:

  • Right click on Start option and search for the programs & features option and click it.
  • Then it can be opened after that click view installed updates.
  • on the other hand, Select the Internet Explorer update from the list of installed updates. It might be listed under Microsoft Windows.
  • Finally, Click Uninstall and follow the messages as they open to uninstall Internet Explorer.

8. Reinstall Internet Explorer Settings:

  • Download & Install the latest versions of Internet Explorer and during,  Run this explorer.
  • After that update the drives and casually using the explorer.

In Conclusion, most cases, Internet Explorer should be resolved by following above steps. After that, if however the issue still persists it means there is some critical issue with your system. Consequently, which needs to be fixed manually and is recommended to be done by an experienced Computer Technician.

Internet Explorer

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