How to Perform Network Check for Office Installations

Network Check for Office Installations: Office is available in different models like a DVD software and an Online Click to run versions.

Why a network connection is required for installing Office?

Both the versions of Office are widely available to download from your Microsoft Office account (

The Online click to run version is always a recommend way to install Office for the reason it keeps getting update with the latest versions.

However a DVD software is necessary when it is required to install Office without Internet.

That is to say, it is require to have internet in order to activate Office. These Office click to run versions relate information can be found here.

The latest versions updates usually happens automatically. If the auto update fails to install, it is require to install using manual updates.

Manual update request will be notify on the top menu bar. This usually happens when you set the office updates to check manually.

Here is the list of cases for Network Check for Office Installations

In order to check the network consistency for an office product installation, on other hand, following cases are good to follow.

  1. It is important to check whether the Windows updates are running smoother.
  2. The network lookup command which is mention below should be execute on the command line.
  3. The resultant data should not display the server name as unknown which is an indication for a failed network.
  4. The network fix is to restart the router once.
  5. The alternative method is to try to swap the connection from a WiFi to a LAN Cable connection.

For instance, The network connection cannot always go wrong unless there is a fails system date and time in certain conditions.


The failed system date and time is a condition when the computer becomes old and the CMOS battery drains out.

In Conclusion,

In such conditions, the date and time can always go wrong even after setting it right.

Network Check for Office Installations

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