Power Point isn’t responding, hangs or freezes

Power Point hangs or freezes to unsaved work :

PowerPoint is not responding, hangs or freezes is the most popular software we open for presentations, technical knowledge, and documentation. Sometimes, however, unexpected problems arise, e.g.

The software does not respond to opening, power point , hanging, or it stops working until the error is fixed. If you try to open a PowerPoint presentation and receive an error message saying that PowerPoint is not being opened.


Steps To Fix Windows update :

If you have an windows 10 update installed that is not compatible with your Power Point version, you may have a problem. It is also possible that Microsoft PowerPoint hanging, freezing that you are using has problems with imperfect installation, viruses or malware.

In some cases, Windows Update may cause problems when opening Microsoft Office programs, including Microsoft hangs or freezes.

After the windows 11 update, there is a possibility that your current security software is not compatible with your Office version.

If PowerPoint does not respond, this can be solved by disabling antivirus software,

Make sure that it remains within the functionality of antivirus programs.

Try the above method to fix problems with PowerPoint and you might be able to fix the problem of PowerPoint not responding , hangs or freezes.

If you do not respond to a problem like PowerPoint or do not open a particular file or stop working

You can run SOFTWARE (Power point File Repair Software) to make sure you do not lose your important files.

Repair your Office program to solve the problem that PowerPoint does not respond, hangs, freezes or repairs an error file. If the problem persists with hangs, you can repair the Office installation to prevent it freezing in the future.

Your office program can fix the problems of PowerPoint not responding, hanging and freezing, as well as repair error files.

Antivirus conflict Microsoft points out that your antivirus software should be integrated with PowerPoint to scan viruses in the PPT or PTX files. Check if antivirus software collides with PowerPoint.

If your antivirus software includes integration with PowerPoint, performance issues may occur.

If a user encounters the problem “PowerPoint does not work in Windows 10,” several methods are available to fix it.

Disable PowerPoint integration with your antivirus software

Disable the antivirus add-in after you installed PowerPoint by following the procedures described below (see Add-ins Section).

Make sure you are using the latest version of PowerPoint and try to open your presentation files as usual. Enter “PowerPoint” and press Open PowerPoint or select File from the menu.

If your PowerPoint hangs application is not as busy,

Firstly, check that your system is up to date and try to install the latest Office Updates.

Secondly, Install the latest Windows and Office updates (see Installing Office Updates).

If an updated version of the Windows operating system is missing, your PowerPoint files will not work.

Finally, examine possible problems with the add-ins and whether they enhance your experience or if they interfere with or conflict with PowerPoint.

Solution steps for power point

opens and goes to File > Click File,

Click Options and then click Add-In.

When the problem is fixed in the Add-in File menu, select Options and Add-ins.

In the future, use the supported file types in PowerPoint 3 to add problems when PowerPoint encounters problems and add an error message like 1.

You can fix this problem by:

Disabling the add-ins in PowerPoint to get around it.

Check all third-party plugins and addons you use with PowerPoint to remove unused addins.

If a third-party add-in causes your frozen PowerPoint problems, run a simple test.

PowerPoint opens in safe mode when you try to open the pptx file.

To solve this problem,

The best option you can fall back on is to disable the PowerPoint integration with antivirus software.

In some cases, the PowerPoint program will function and respond normally, but errors and freezing problems may occur with incompatible antivirus software.

The bugs listed below are measures to counteract this problem as described above. Hopefully these tips will help you get out of the difficulty, but if you are still using PowerPoint, keep it closed.

Installing important or significant updates can make your computer and PowerPoint application vulnerable to errors. If PowerPoint or MS Office for Windows OS has not updated to the latest version, it may become unresponsive with ads that show “PowerPoint is not working” error.

Updating Windows PowerPoint to its latest version can help you clarify why it does not respond to frozen PPT files.

Installing the latest Windows 10 updates is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of the problem that Windows Explorer and File Explorer are not responding to.

If your software has disabled the latest version or add-ins, perform a useless repair on your Office programs to fix, not react or hang, PowerPoint freezing.

Find and select your Microsoft Office and click Change, which is an easy-to-use method to find a solution for Microsoft Word that does not respond or your unassisted work in MS Office applications with the Recovery feature.


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